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The most flexible website design OTG

After transitioning a couple friends to the app and website, and as well my mother who can easily update the website without having to fool with any coding or anything, I was inspired to write this review as it seems like the vast majority of friends and others back home have never even heard of the service, which sucks, because for those who are not tech-Savy, or hell even those who are (Ameba let’s you code HTML and CSS) it’s a great choice. But like any program or service, has its pros and cons.
Although honestly between this and buying HTML themes, or the much harder alternative, actually coding yourself (if your able to do that good for you lol, I can as well but I just don’t have the patience, and I just love JP programs more. I don’t know why. It looks great, it’s clean and it’s god that JP vibe n culture thrown in.


SSL is included for free
SEO is simply input in app or website easily
They’ve integrated your google Analytics
Facebooks as well
Instant Articles 
Native analytics with referrer are built in
Social media feed (FB,Instagram,Twitter) is all able to be displayed on site 
Designs are numerous, changing them is a one step process via app or website 
You can share each post to social networks automatically and can specify Twitter hashtags beforehand 
Your able to choose your own domain, minus the SSL for custom domains tho
All this is completely free, you pay nothing
Your able to update basically everything except HTML in app
You can enable access for others to both contribute to the site 
Also creates structured data in Google Search Console without any work by you


Website where you enter html is still entirely in Japanese unlike the app which is mostly localized in English, if you can’t read Japanese tho you can just use chrome to translate, honestly though if you know what your doing you don’t even need to read Japanese 
If your not targeting a Japanese audience then the .com selections are limited
Your unable to specify a country to target regardless in Google search console also many functions are limited to root.
Still have to do some work to accomplish Instant Articles and as well currently I am missing the body in the imported articles from the RSS feed, searching a fix tho 

Mobile App

One of the main things I was looking for in a domain service was that it was A) Not Wordpress because I despise Wordpress. B) That a mobile app was available, cause like half the time I’m out and about and I don’t want to write in a notepad and rewrite it on computer when I have time, or worse forget what I was inspired about in the first place.

If you can’t speak Japanese at all, and your too lazy to use Google chrome to translate automatically, then actually that’s completely okay as the iOS app is totally in English. Except for a few contact procedures to help staff etc like 90% of the app has been localized, even my mother can use it to update the shops blog. 

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