Line is Love (When it’s convenient)

It’s funny, actually judging from the amount of stickers that Line is happy to run without question in its store, they seem to have no problem with those who identify as being gay. Maybe they don’t. This isn’t an attack on LINE, obviously, but hey, we live in a country Thanner t just passed same sex marriage. It seems LINE is suddenly overstepping just a little too much on what it is they dictate.

I was actually signing up for access for LINE@ developers API as well as an premium account, which after this I probably won’t be eligible for haha, when I read the “rules” associated with those who cannot be approved for an “Approved Account” and those who cannot he approved for an account at all. Keep in mind this is LINE@ and not just the regular messenger, there is supposed to be a business focus, as well as mareketing to smaller businesses that don’t get that much exposure as a way to create incentives like customer loyalty cards for ones side hair salon business, or that small cafe on the street side. After all line is a business as wel right. 

Anyways take a look at some of the things that will disqualify you from obtaining a LINE@ “Approved” Account.

Users/Businesses who sell primarily over the internet.

Those without a physical store in Japan, unless involved in E-Commerce 
(Your already blurring the lines here Line lol.)

Those who’s primary job is to find staff and recruits 

Okay now here comes the best part. show pubs, sexy pubs, “snack” pubs, hostess clubs, host clubs, gay bars, girl bars, and similar bars or (ii) in facilities and seeking to pique interest in gambling, including pachinko parlors, slot-machine parlors, and Mahjong shops.

It’s funny. They don’t mention heterosexual clubs or Straight bars. Gay bars are automatically thrown in with the whole host situation. Sure there’s gay hosts as well as there are Straight hosts, but really like why is sexuality, well of course I understand why, but does it not ever get old. Stop trying to associate mere sexuality with this kind of image. Furthermore like don’t translate this garbage into English and then try and market it off as normal guidelines, it’s so excuse my language, fucking weird.

“Organizations that self-identify themselves as associated with a religion”

Organizations that identify themselves as associated with a religion, probably why Taiwan Family can’t get that blue sticker.

Entities, Organizations, and individuals who commit acts that are not in compliance with law, OR acts that are contrary to public order or morals. 

So that really begs to ask the question, at what point does it finally become against public morals to discriminate against anyone based on his or her sexuality? I’ve lived in Japan for quite some time already so I know the atmosphere and I’ve had some of the funnest days and memories of my life in 二丁目、but, come on Japan it’s fine like really, who’s making these ridiculous guidelines and rules? You are either are for equality and for fair treatment of everyone or your not. You don’t get to sell gay pride stickers and then say those who merely work at a gay establishment are disqualified from obtaining a LINE@ account like , please. Even Facebook doesn’t deny verified pages for clubs and crap like that. 

I’m not making a jab at LINE, you gotta love it’s functionality and those LINE points when your paying for stuff. That being said, it’s this kind of crap that’s borderline and we’re like oh, it’s okay let it go, that actually keeps things as they  are. 

I respect anybody’s opinion about whatever actually it’s fine, but I simply belive that anyone regardless of their occupation or sexuality deserve to be treated equally and fair, that being said and I hesitate to say this. I’m not naive as to the fact this is East Asia, and I’ve been here since a really young age. There are also things I would like to say but I won’t because I know how to sometimes keep my mouth shut until it’s time haha. I just had to call this out for what it is, if anything to me it just looks ridiculous, and rubs off on LINE@ in the wrong manner, especially if your translating it into English, and marketing it at presumably a English speaking community as well. Just keep it classy LINE. 

I realize this is Ameba 笑 今日日本語と中文の翻訳する!(⌒▽⌒) よろしく!


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