If you’re living in Taiwan and not in Taipei you’re probably familiar with the struggle of late night meals if you choose to use credit card like I do because I never have any money, lol.  (If you choose to use cash there is, obviously a never ending wealth of street side vendors, and pop-up restaurants guaranteed to be somewhere within a ten minutes walk, 5 if in Taipei haha.

Taiwan doesn’t have any shortage of E-Payments for sure but what’s frustrating with the situation in Taiwan and Apple Pay in particular is that Apple promotes Apple Pay as if all the listed retailers accept Apple Pay for the banks that have signed with them. The frustrating part with is that that notion is false

There is no shortage of Familymart locations anywhere in Taiwan. 

Familymart for example, does indeed offer Apple Pay as a payment system in Taiwan, shortly after going after the announcement though I had been informed that currently Apple Pay is only offered for those holding a credit card from  Taixin Bank (台新銀行)and those who don’t have a credit card from the bank are ineligible to use Apple Pay although a quick glance over Apple’s support page for Apple Pay (哪裡可以用)apparently has no mention of the fact. This is also the case for several other retailers which offer Apple Pay, and one I feel that Apple should have at least addressed somewhere on the page rather then leaving it up to consumers to Google which retailers offer Apple Pay as a payment choice and with what specific banks, if any.

Anyways with that frustration out, there appears to be a solution if you are using credit cards as a payment method and is available at a variety of restaurants 24/7. Prior to recently my Canadian card hadn’t worked with the store and only my Taiwanese one but that seems to be solved now.

Line Gift Store 

If you’re in Taiwan you’re most likely using LINE to talk to friends or to deal with your landlord or whatever. I actually use Wire for the majority  of communications with friends and family both in Taiwan and back home, but LINE since its arrival in Taiwan has become increasingly more useful for E-Payments (I use LINE pay card with 中國信託)as both Familymart & 7-11 offer LINE Pay as a payment choice in stores island wide. But not only do they offer this payment method but also the ability to simply purchase meal sets from different fast food places such as 吉野家 or MOS both of which don’t offer credit card as a payment choice. (MOS has an app but it’s unorganized and often unresponsive). Solving the need to carry around cash.
99元 Delivery of products as well, for items that are not digital purchases. 

MOS, 吉野家 and numerous other brands offer meal sets, payable by credit card. You can simply add your card regardless if it’s affiliated bank and then purchase whatever meal set, and you’ll be issued a scan able coupon with barcode that you then can just present at the associated retailer and in return get your food. Works pretty well for those late night feasts if your running low on actual cash and need to use your card or you’re too lazy to go to the ATM.

Keep in mind although the LINE points system as far as I know is offered regardless of credit card, the actual promotions for points will be different depending on if you’re using one of the Taiwanese banks. Any questions feel free to ask :)

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