Must Have Privacy Apps (iOS)

A lot of people these days have this altered understanding when it comes to privacy that it’s something we are only entitled to if we have nothing to hide.


Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Viber, Kakao, WeChat (eww never) QQ (ew never) Skype blah blah blah the list could go on and on. Interestingly enough Wire was actually created by an ex employee of Skype who obviously left the company at this point, but the highlight of Wire is not just that the UI is beautiful. 

The tradeoff however, with most of the earlier apps I’ve listed is that there is a reason why they’re free of charge. After becoming so interested in privacy / encryption (Actually causing somewhat of a domino effect as my best friend now who literally had zero interest in anything tech related prior, has actually expressed hesitation multiple times on the privacy policies of some applications or web services and I’m like , wow haha) I real started to take notice as well of the amount of data we are just handing over in exchange for whatever service. We’ve gotten so used to it that we don’t even realize what we are sacrificing in exchange for “convenience” .
  • Wire makes handles the technical side of all the encryption and security functions going on in the background and sustains a logical straight forward UI that doesn’t complicate things or require the user to have a knowledge of anything tech or encryption related. This is a huge oversight which a lot of developers frequently make but one that’s super important in the long term for an app to develop a sustained large group of users.
3ヶ月前ネットで日本のニュース読んでた、このニュースの話は 今日本政府の監視がもっともっと、日本人が心配してるの話しだった。

Wire (Free)
Honestly the only app I use to communicate with friends & family currently. Everyone I communicate with has already made the switch to Wire. Team functionality is currently in its beta stage.


Cryptomator (Desktop Free)

Protonmail (Free, Plus)

OpenVPN (Free)

ProtonVPN is currently only able to operate on iOS with the use of OpenVPN so this is included on my list although of course, native functionality would be preferred.

**Credit for logos goes to the related company. I don’t have any affiliation with them and this is just a personal list of recommendations not ones that you have to use haha **


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